What steps should we take if an employee has an accident or gets hurt on the job?

Answer from Brody, PHR, SHRM-CP:

First, make certain that the employee receives any immediate medical care they need. Their health and safety should be the initial priority.

Once you’ve done that, then you can turn your attention to recording and reporting the injury. It is important to allow your employee to complete a workers’ compensation claim form, which can be obtained from your insurance provider. Most workers’ compensation policies require notice of an injury to be reported within 24 hours of the incident. If your organization is subject to OSHA’s recordkeeping requirements, then the injury should be recorded within seven days on the OSHA 300 Log and 301 Incident Report.

If the injury prevents the employee from working altogether or doing the essential functions of the job, you may need to determine whether other laws—such as the Family and Medical Leave Act or the Americans with Disabilities Act—come into play.

After the emergency response and reporting steps have been initiated, you can begin an investigation process to determine the cause of the incident and identify any corrective actions that would reduce the likelihood of future incidents.

You can learn more about these laws and regulations on the HR Support Center.

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