You’re reading the November edition of the HR Advisor Newsletter. We provide some tips on allowing workplace chit-chat while keeping it to a minimum.

HR Tip of the Month

  • Does your workplace have too much chit-chat? A lot of employers are in the same boat, and they want to find the right balance between forbidding chit-chat and permitting too much of it. The right amount likely depends on the nature of the workplace and how disruptive the talking is, but there are some general guidelines you can follow:
    • Rather than telling employees exactly how much time they can spend having non-work conversations in a day, remind them that frequent chit-chat can make it difficult for people to work and that everyone should be respectful of others’ time and need to focus.
  • Let employees know that in most cases, personal conversations longer than a few minutes should be saved for breaks and held away from work areas.
  • As long as people are getting their jobs done and aren’t distracting other by talking, then the chit-chat probably isn’t excessive and isn’t cause for concern.