Family and Medical Leave Policy Alert

The HR Pros have modified the following handbook policies to reflect HR best practices and/or regulatory changes. You may wish to update your own handbook policies based on the information below, or reach out to the HR Pros to request that an updated policy be sent to you. Contact the Pros either by phone at (877) 880-4772 or by submitting a Policy Customization request from your HR Support Center.

State: CA

Policy: Family and Medical Leave

Here’s what we’ve done: Effective January 1, 2018, California is expanding CFRA baby bonding to cover employers with 20+ employees. This is an important policy update and should be added to employee handbooks by January 1, if possible. You can learn more about the New Parent Leave Act in the State Laws section or on the News Desk, and request a copy of the policy via HR On-Demand.

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